Department of GIS

Department of GIS

Head of the Department – Doctor of Economical Sciences

Medeu Alikhan Akhmetkalovich

History. The creation of the Department was preceded by the period of time which has shown that available cartographical materials and works of various departments and themes cannot represent only any intermediate stage of researches and is worthy to be organized as a separate department of the Institute of Geography doing mapping, analysis and representation of maps and maps-schemes of different scales. At the initial stage in 2003, being as a part of the Department of Geomorphology and GIS cartography, equiped with up-to-date  equipment, the Center of GIS technologies already carried out a number of cartographical works performed not only by fundamental but also by international projects. In 2006 Center, it was restructured as a separate department of GIS.

Main direction of researches – Creation of digital (vector) bases, based on topographical data and data of remote sensing and also creating of thematic and specialized maps of different scales: inventory, assessment, prognostic and recommended.


At the present time, the Department worked out a concept of atlas cartography of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a system of demonstrative and expressive products united by general aim, unity of methodology and conformity of results. Concept of atlas cartography is realized in multifunctional series of atlases: National (nature, society, ecology of environment), Regional (Mangystau region), Branch-wise (emergency situation).


Staff. As for today, 16 employees are working in the Department, including 1 Doctor of Economic Sciences, 3 Candidates of Geographical Sciences, 1 research worker, 7 junior research workers, 3 lead engineers and 1 technician. Employees possess international certificates which confirm their competence in application of GIS-technologies.

Prospects of development. Main direction of the development of the Department is using of program GIS complexes for the creation of digital interactive complexes on the base of geoportal, WEB-services and products. 3D-modelling and modeling with added reality (4D) of natural complexes is also used .




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Technical and programming support. Department of GIS of the Institute of Geography is equipped by powerful computer equipment (including large-format  plotters and scanners). There is following licensed programming support for developing and realization of GIS-projects : ArcGIS10.3 with additional modules GeostatisticalAnalyst, SpatialAnalyst, 3D-Analyst, ModelBuilder, ArcPress, Publisher. There is a special ERDAS 8.7, ENVI 4.0. programming support for processing data of remote sensing.