The establishment of the branch of LLP “Institute of Geography” in Astana

Director - Akiyanova  Farida Zhianshinovna, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the KazNANS


The branch was established in accordance with the solution of the meetings of the Board of the NSTH "Parasat" on February 13, 2014 №89 and  with the order of Director of the LLP "Institute of Geography" on February 14, 2014 №03-P,  located at 24, Republic ave., Offices 501,504, 010000 Astana, Akmola region.

The branch was established on March 6, 2014. Basic and applied scientific researches of the Institute are carried out throughout the territory of Kazakhstan, including the Central and Northern Kazakhstan. However, until 2014, the Institute has 6 stations, which are located in the southern and western parts of Kazakhstan. They did not cover the rest of the year-round research. Also, there was production necessity of operational interaction with key customers of fundamental and applied projects - the central executive departments, specialized on environmental, architectural and construction companies, which are located in the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana.
Therefore, a solution was taken to establish a branch in Astana. Thus, in May of that year, there was a grand presentation of it.
Due to the spatial accessibility of the geographic center in the central and northern regions of Kazakhstan, the branch helps to reduce not only the time but also the financial costs.

Scientific activity

The branch carries out the following research projects:
Target funding for 2015-2017:

  • "Geographical bases of the system enhancement of population resettlement in Kazakhstan", according to science priority development. "5. Fundamental researches in natural sciences", according to the priority on "5.7. Geography",  Supervisor D.Sc., prof. Akiyanova F.ZH. Jointly with the Laboratory of Geomorphology and GIS Mapping of the Institute;
  • "Scientific and technical support of the optimal possibilities  for Eurasian transit through the territory of Kazakhstan" for 2015-2017, according to the priority: "Sustainable use of natural resources, raw materials and products recycling." Supervisor section head D.Sc., prof. Akiyanova F.Zh.  Jointly with the Laboratory of geomorphology and GIS mapping of the Institute; Grant funding for  2015-2017:
  • "Agroclimatic Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan under climate change", according to the priority " Sustainable use of natural resources, raw materials and products recycling." According to the underpriority 1.5 "Issues of ecology and environmental management." Supervisor Ph.D., associate professor Baysholanov S.S.
  •  "Environmental and geomorphological assessment of area commuters in Astana under the agglomeration development" by priority: 1. Sustainable use of natural resources, raw materials and products recycling. Applied researches according to the underpriority 1.5 Issues of ecology and environmental management. Supervisor D.Sc., prof. Akiyanova F.ZH.

In 2015, economic contracts were made due to the establishment of the branch of the LLP "Institute of Geography" under the Agreement № 2014-0231/5 from "10" December 2014 LLP "Kazecoproject" (NSS). Theme of the project was "For execution  of  science researches of the current state of the coastline north-eastern part of the Caspian Sea (within the coordinates specified in the Terms of Reference)" under the headline "Description of the current state of ecosystems in north-eastern part of the Caspian Sea, particularly  within the coordinates pointed to  Terms of Reference"
in 2015, jointly  with the specialists of the Laboratory of Geomorphology and GIS Mapping of the Institute and other research organizations UNDP project "Development of functional zoning Ile-Balkashs and Aral-Syrdariinskaya project sites" is carried out by the branch of the LLP "Institute of Geography".

The main directions

1. Assessment, prediction and control of desertification of natural and economic systems of Kazakhstan;
2. Identification of the regularities of formation of hazardous geomorphological processes with the assessment of their socio-economic impact and the development of measures to reduce damage;
3. Geographical bases of sustainable organization of the territory in order to improve the resettlement of the population, to develop tourism and recreation;
4. GIS mapping of natural and economic systems with remote sensing data applications;


Staff  is formed on the basis of the staff of the geoekoplanning laboratory and consists of 20 employees, some of whom are Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, Masters  and Bachelors  in geography, ecology, geodesy and cartography, applied mathematics and programming. In future, staff increase is planned  in accordance with the increase  in volumes and decisive of fundamental and applied scientific tasks.
Prospects of development


Publications. Participation in conferences
Expedition and field researches.
Ongoing  expeditions on ecological and geomorphological, hydrological and ecological conditions  researches and the risk of exposure to hazardous exogenous processes of Central, Western, Northern and Eastern Kazakhstan . For this purpose,  LLP "Institute of Geography" transferred  Toyota Hi Lux pick-up all-terrain vehicle to the Astana branch.

The branch is equipped with computer and laboratory equipment, office furniture,  high cross all-terrain vehicle  for field researches  and expedition equipment.