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THE INSTITUTE OF GEOGRAPHY VISITED CHAIRMAN OF ORGANIZATION «ARCTIC CIRCLE», FORMER PRESIDENT OF ICELAND ÓLAFUR RAGNAR GRÍMSSON September 9, 2017 the Institute of Geography visited chairman of organization «arctic circle», former president of iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. Mr. Grímsson got acquainted with the scientific directions of the Institute of Geography. He highly appreciated the glaciological…
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About a business trip to Paris (France)

About a business trip to Paris (France) Chairman of the National Commission for Hydrology of UNESCO, Director of LLP "Institute of Geography" Academician of NAS RK Medeu A.R. and Honorary Chairman of the National Commission for Hydrology of UNESCO, Academician of NAS RK Severskiy I.V. of the trip: participation in the 55th session of the…
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Полевые исследования дельтовых водоемов реки Сырдария

  Отчет о полевых исследованиях дельтовых водоемов Сырдарии. Дата полевых выездов: с 15 мая по 13 июня 2017 г. Состав экспедиционной группы: СНС Таиров А.З., МНС Долбешкин М.В., НС Абдибеков Д.У., рук. ПЭЦ Коптлеуов С.К., техник I кат. Крикова Т.Н. Цель поездки: эколого-гидрологический мониторинг дельтовых водоемов, батиметрическая съемка озера Камыстыбас. [caption id="attachment_6311" align="aligncenter" width="872"] Палаточный…
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Aral international forum of Sustainable Development in Kyzylorda (30-31 May, 2017)

The aim of the forum is to rise of knowledge on the ecological, social and economic problems of the Aral Sea region, to draw attention of the world community to the current issues in accordance with the global goals of sustainable development. Organizers: Akimat of Kyzylorda region, International Science Complex “Astana”, Executive Board of the International…
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