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Field work in the Alatau Silt

On February 23, 2023, employees of the Laboratory of Natural Hazards of the dgs V.P. Blagoveshchensky and cgs T.S. Gulyaev conducted field work in the Alatau Silt in the Talgar Pass area at an altitude of 3250 m. In a 120 cm deep snow pit, snow characteristics were studied to determine its stability and the…
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Flight results of Ile Alatau July 2022

 A joint overflight of the mountainous regions of Ile Alatau was carried out on July 18, 2022.  Specialists of the State Institution "Kazselezashchita", the Department of Emergency Situations of Almaty, the Republican State Enterprise "Kazhydromet" and the Institute of Geography and Water Security participated. The purpose of the flight was to survey the state of…
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Avalanche Safety Lecture

Employees of the Laboratory of Natural Hazards, doctor of geographical sciences V.P. Blagoveсhshenskiy and candidate of technical sciences V.V. Zhdanov, held a free lecture on avalanche safety for tourists and skiers on April 15, 2022. During the lecture, the audience received the concept of avalanches as a dangerous natural phenomenon, the reasons for their formation,…
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