Georadar Mala GPR ProEx System

Mala Professional Explorer (ProEx) – georadar system of Mala GeoScience company with full set of functional capacities. ProEx is the next stage of development of system RAMAC/GPR which gained acknowledgement in the world due to its madularuty, flexibility and perfect quality of received data. By combining of different modules of system Professional Explorer it is possible to receive many configurations of georadar for solution of different tasks of subsurface sounding. Frequency range of sounding from 25 to 2300 MHz allows to make researches in the depth range from few centimeters till  60 meters. Works could be done in general mode of profiling, in multi-channel mode or mode of layerwise determination of wave velocity by Methof of General Depth Point.Area of use of georadar ProEx:

Geological engineering – building of detailed geological profiles, determination of situation of ground waters level, high fractured zones, zones of development of karst and piping, study structure of permafrost,  supplementary exploration of storages of building raw materials.

Transport construction – determination of depth of constructive layers of roads, assessment of base for transport constructions, determination of depth of frost penetration in grounds massifs and road constructions, consistence of moisture in grounds of roads.

Environmental protection – assessment of soils contamination, finding of leakage in oil and water supply pipe-lines. Inspection of polygons of industrial and domestic waste.

Archeology – detection and mapping of buried archeological objects. Building of detailed profiles of area of diggings with minimum quantity of earth works.