Atomic absorption spectrophotometer AA - 7000 «Shimadzu», Japan


Device designed for measurements of content of different elements in water, foodstuff, fnimal tissue, soil etc. by atomic absorption spectrometry.
Application area of the spectrometer is environmental monitoring of environment.
Defined elements: Cu,  Pb, Cd, Zn, Mn, Cr, Co, Ni, Na, K


Ion meter «Consort» С933, Belgium 
(with a set of electrodes)
Measurement parameters at the point of sampling:


  • рН;
  • mineralizaton;
  • temperature;
  • TDS (total dissolved solids);
  • dissolved oxygen, including % O2 saturation;
  • ammonium ions;
  • NO3;
  • NO2.

Multi meter «Horiba» U-53, Japan
Portable water analyzer, equipped with built-in control unit and sensors that can simultaneously detect the following water parameters:

  • рН;
  • temperature;
  • redox potential;
  • mineralizaton;
  • TDS (total dissolved solids);
  • turbidity;
  • dissolved oxygen, including % O2 saturation.


Automatic sample processing complex «Temos Express», Russia

IMG_20150109_111343Designed for different nature samples processing to further determination the heavy metals.

Operating range:  50 – 650 0С.




Laboratory electronic scales «OHAUS», USA


    1) “Scout Pro” SPS 402F  Measurement range: 0 – 400 g.,     discreteness – 0,01 g.

   2) “Pioneer” PA 213 C Measurement range: 0 – 400 g.      discreteness – 0,001 g.



Muffle furnace  «SNOL» 8,2 /1100, Latvia


Designed for high-temperature samples processing.

Operating range:  50 – 1100 0С





Electric mixer-shaker “Biosan» OS-20, Latvia

IMG_44405 (1)

Operating range: 50 – 250 RPM.






In laboratory used equipment which is registered in the State register of System of Metrology of the Republic of Kazakhstan. All measuring devices have certificates of verification.


Sounder GPS chartplotter «Lowrance» HDS-10, USA

Multifunctional device for echolocation, positioning and structural scanning (LLS-3).2016-02-29_180444






Scientific and research motor boat Quicksilver Weekend 640, Belgium


Length - 6,48 m, width - 2,54 m, board height - 2,63 m. loading capacity 700 kg, seating up to 6 people, depth - 0.53 m.

Designed for scientific and research works during the period of navigation on inland water bodies.



SUV Toyota «Tundra», Japan


The full-size pickup truck, designed to transport research vessel to a place of research.





Cross-country vehicle GAZ - 33081 «Vepr», Russia


Cross-country vehicle GAZ 33081, designed for transporting of staff, materials and equipment necessary for carrying out complex research projects.