On July 2, 2018, the meeting of the scientific council LLP "Institute of Geography", devoted to the protection of reports on program-targeted and grant financing for the first half of 2018, was held.

The Program of Targeted Financing “Transboundary river basins of the Republic of Kazakhstan and People’s Republic of China: scientific-applied bases of sustainable water security of population and economy in conditions of climatic changes and economic activity for the period until 2050” was considered.

(Scientific supervisor: Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Geographical Sciences A. Medeu, Doctor of Geographical Sciences Professor I.M Malkovsky), reports of the heads of nine subprograms were heard.

Also reports on 7 grant projects (2018-2020) are considered:

1 № AP05132212"Geographical bases for managing agricultural development lands in Zhambyl region under the conditions of water resources limitation".

2 № AP05133353«Monitoring concentration and distribution of toxic compounds in the snow cover on the territory of Almaty agglomeration and assessment of their impact on natural sites».

  1. № AP05134437Monitoring researches on adverse exogeodynamic processes in the coastal zone of the Alakol lake – the territory of intensive recreational development
  2. № AP05131504.Scientific and applied fundamentals of tourism resources management on the basis of Web-technologies on the example of Northern Kazakhstan
  3. № AP05135407 Dangerous Hydrological Phenomena (floods) Control in the Esil basin (Akmola and North Kazakhstan provinces) in Changing Climate.
  4. № №АР05132214 Mudflow safety of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Scientific rationale of the system securing safety in the mountain and foothill areas of the Ile Alatau

7.№ АР05133077 «Evolution of snow mass of zone of runoff formation of Balkash-Alakol basin in conditions of climate change as a factor of water safety and sustainable development».