Landslide field survey

In the period from August 23 to 30, 2019, at the invitation of the natural hazard laboratory, the Institute of Geography was visited by a famous specialist in the field of paleoseismology Alexander Leonidovich Strom, chief specialist of the Moscow Center for Geodynamic Research, chief expert of the Hydroproject Institute, a member of the International Landslide Committee. Together with the staff of the laboratory of natural hazards V.P. Blagovechschenskiy, T.S. Gulyayeva and V.V. Zhdanov, he visited the most interesting landslides in Ile and Kungey Alatau: Big Almaty Lake, Akzhar, Kaskelen, Esik, Turgen, Kayyndy, Kolsay. During the surveys, the mechanism of formation and movement of large landslides, methods for studying them, and age determination were discussed. In conclusion, A.L. Strom met with the director of the Institute of Geography A.R. Medeu. An agreement on scientific cooperation was reached during this meeting. A.L. Strom runs a summer field school for young scientists on landslides, which takes place annually in early August in Kyrgyzstan. In 2018, V. Zhdanov took part in the work of the school, and in 2019 - E. Halykov. The Institute of Geography may send one employee annually to study at this school. All expenses are paid by UNESCO.


Giant landslide on the Big Almaty Lake


V.P. Blagoveсhshensky, A.L. Strom, and T.S. Gulyaнev on the lake Kaiyndy dammed by a landslide


A.L. Strom, V.V. Zhdanov and T.S. Gulyaуeva on the seismogenic landslide Akzhar