Aerovisual survey of avalanche danger in Ile Alatau

On March 3, 2022, employees of the Natural Hazards Laboratory took part in an aerial visual survey of the avalanche danger in Ile Alatau. The survey was conducted by Kazselezashchita by helicopter. The route passed along the basins of the rivers Uzyn Kargaly, Shamalgan, Kaskelen, Aksai, Kargaly, Ulken Almaty, Kishi Almaty, Talgar, Esik, Turgen. During the survey, the state of the snow cover, traces of avalanches were noted, and an assessment was made of the level of avalanche danger. In general, a moderate level of avalanche danger is noted along the Ile Alatau above 2000 m. No major avalanches were observed. Numerous small and medium-sized avalanches were noted on the northern and eastern slopes. However, due to the unstable state of the snow cover, there is a danger of provoked avalanches for skiers and tourists. The survey results were used in compiling the Avalanche Bulletin.

1 Посадка в вертолет

Helicopter boarding

Лавина в бассейне реки Аксай

Avalanche in the Aksai river basin

Лавины в бассейне реки Киши Алматы

Avalanches in the Kishi Almaty basin

2 Фотографирование лавин

Photographing avalanches

Ветровые надувы в бассейне реки Каскелен

Snow drifting in the Kaskelen river basin