The Institute works closely with the world's centers of geographical science, participates in the development of more than 20 international projects with scientists from Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Japan, China, and rightly perceived by the world scientific community as an important center of modern geographical science. The Institute is currently involved in the carrying out of four international projects. Two of them are carried out in the program Newton-Al Farabi on the area of Water and Food Security issues (partners: University of Reading and Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom); the third project is held jointly with the University of Colorado, USA; the fourth is UNESCO project «GGRETA" on the assessment and use of water resources of transboundary The Pretashkent Aquifer. That is not a coincidence that in accordance with the agreement, signed between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and UNESCO, on the basis of the Institute of Geography the Central-Asia Regional Glaciological Centre as a Category 2 Centre Under the auspices of UNESCO is being created and negotiations on the establishment of "International Water Assessment Centre" (IWAC) as a regional OSCE structures on the basis of the Institute is initiated.



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