Head of the laboratory – PhD,

Madibekov Azamat Sansyzbaevich



Main scientific worker – doctor

of geographical sciences, professor

Amirgaliev Nariman Amirgaliev


Brief history of the laboratory. In April 2012, a group of hydrochemists was created as part of the hydrology laboratory of the Department of Water problems. In 2013, founded the Chemical-analytical space, the installation of devices and necessary expeditionary equipment continued in 2014 Nov 25, 2014 by order №22-P a laboratory "Hydrochemistry and environmental toxicology". The laboratory has successfully passed recertification by Almaty branch of JSC "national center of expertise and certification" of RK (certificate №14/21 dated May 19, 2021). The laboratory has A state license to perform research and services in the field of environmental protection №01538R from 22.12.2007 (doctor of science, Professor N. Ah. Amirgaliev).

The laboratory is certified for the right to conduct chemical and toxicological studies of natural water, fish, soil, sediments and precipitation.

Main tasks and services of the laboratory:

  • hydrochemical monitoring of various types of water bodies with a wide range of analyzed parameters: temperature, pH, dissolved gases, group of nitrogen compounds, phosphorus, water mineralization, etc.;
  • determination of heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Ni, Mn, Cd, etc.) and mineral salts in water, sediments, soils, fish and precipitation;
  • determination of pesticides, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in water, bottom sediments, soils, fish and atmospheric precipitation);
  • issuance of the results of chemical and toxicological analyses with the assessment of their compliance with the current environmental and sanitary standards.

The direction of research:

  • Conducting chemical and toxicological studies of natural waters, fish, soil, bottom sediments and precipitation (in accordance with the scope of certification);
  • Research in the field of hydrochemistry and water toxicology to solve the problems of integrated assessment of the quality of natural waters and the degree of anthropogenic impacts on the ecological and Toxicological state of water resources;
  • Study of the level of accumulation of extremely toxic and dangerous for living organisms and humans persistent organic pollutants (POPS) in the objects of the aquatic ecosystem;
  • Assessment of the current ecological status of large lake systems and individual reservoirs of Kazakhstan;
  • Investigation of the chemical composition of precipitation and accumulation of pollutants in the snow cover.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and devices:

  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer AA-7000 "Shimadzu" (Japan) – designed to measure the content of heavy metals in samples of various natural objects;
  • Ionometer With 933 "Consort" (Belgium) with a set of electrodes;
  • "Horiba" – multiparameter analyzer of U-53 series (Japan);
  • Lowrance HDS-10 echo sounder (USA) is a multifunctional device for echolocation, positioning and structural scanning (LLS-3).
  • Spectrophotometer DR-3900 (HACH-LANGE, Germany) - designed to determine the concentration of various ions and compounds.

The laboratory has the necessary material and technical base:

  • Research vessel Quicksilver Weekend 640 (Belgium);
  • ToyotaTundra car.
  • Car – GAZ-33081 "Vepr" (Russia)

The laboratory uses the devices registered in the ICG RK, the updated normative documents of the RK, Standards and applications.

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Hydrochemical and Toxicological analyses in the laboratory

Personnel: the laboratory has 8 employees: 1 doctor of geographical Sciences, Professor, 1 PhD, 1 candidates of Sciences, 1 researcher, 4 Junior researchers.

The available Bank of hydrological and hydrochemical data, scientific and applied developments, availability of qualified specialists, modern devices and equipment allow to carry out a wide range of physical and chemical research in the field of hydrochemistry and environmental toxicology.

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Prospect of development.

The laboratory is developing a promising research direction to assess the impact on the ecosystem of the reservoirs of persistent man-made pollutants like polychlorinated biphenyls, heavy metals, and also an important area of hydrogeological characteristics in the formation and transformation of the composition of the waters of transboundary watercourses and ponds. Work is underway to study the pollution of precipitation and snow cover. Expanding the scope of research in these areas will have an effect on the development of water toxicology in Kazakhstan.

Expeditionary and field research

All topics developed in the laboratory are directly related to the expedition research, the basic information is obtained on the basis of in-situ observations on the water bodies of the country. Expeditionary studies are carried out by the laboratory on all types of water bodies, special attention is paid to the observation of transboundary rivers for the quantitative assessment of the inflow of toxic compounds, including persistent organic pollutants.

Work in expeditionary conditions

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Research on lake Balkhash

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Sampling of snow and ice on the territory of Almaty agglomeration

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Soil sampling on the territory of Almaty agglomeration

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Water sampling and analysis of the first day on the Ile river

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Water sampling and analysis of the first day on the Ertis river