Atlas of the Atyrau region

Обложка Атласа Атырауской области"Atlas of Atyrau region" was created by Institute of Geography in  2013-2014  for the first time.

The Atlas contains informational, analytical and descriptive cartographic material about the current state of natural and economic systems of the region. Thus, section "Natural conditions and resources" includes - 74 maps, the second section also consists of 74 maps and includes maps of the "Social and economic development", section 3 "Environment and Ecology" consists of 82 maps.

It should be noted that all sections of the Atlas contain objective and comprehensive information on natural resource and socio-economic and environmental situation of the region as a single collection of cartographic information using modern methods of creating maps and the latest computer technology.

Atlas is based on scientific researches and illustrates possibilities of the development in ecological and socio-economic situations depending on natural-resource potential.

Complex scientific background  "Atlas of Atyrau region" is made for a reasonable solution of problems in rational natural resources use, environmental protection, as well as for region assessment and territory management, scientific researches  in detail, drawing up plans for natural resources exploitation and prognosis assessment of human intervention, planning conservation measures, the improvement of environmental situation.