Laboratory head - Doctor of Economic Sciences

Alikhan Medeu Akhmetkalovich


A brief history of the laboratory

The Laboratory of Geospatial Economics, as an independent scientific unit in the structure of the Institute of Geography, was created in 2018.  Studies in the field of managing the country's natural resource potentials in market conditions, carried out by the Institute of Geography in various fields, need a serious economic foundation to give them great scientific, practical and applied value. In order to expand the research activities of the institute, especially in the field of fundamental and applied research in the field of studying the problems of managing the natural-economic systems of the territories of Kazakhstan, the scientific councils of the Institute decided to create a laboratory of the «Geospatial Economy».  It is possible to assume that such foundations have laid the foundation for the development of research on the economics of natural-host systems at the institute.

The main research areas of the laboratory:

  • Implementation of fundamental scientific and applied research, corresponding to the priority area of modern economic science, the theme of scientific research of the Institute, in the field of spatial analytics in the interests of government and companies of the real sector of the economy
  • Theory, methodology and methods of regional research. The territorial structure of the economy of Russia and other countries, the dynamics of the structure. The economy of the regions, interregional interactions. Regional economic policy.
  • Socio-economic, economic-geographical and geopolitical problems of the development of economic geospace. The use of natural resources, changing their availability. The formation of infrastructure. Transformation of economic geospace under the influence of development, redistribution of economic potentials.
  • Geospatial problems of sectors and sectors of the economy, their comparative analysis, study of material flows between regions.
  • Geospatial system of financial and information flows, its dynamics, degree of maturity and strength.


HR potential.

Currently, there are 3 employees in the laboratory, including 1 doctor of economic sciences, 1 candidate of geographical sciences, 2 leading engineers. The principle of a networked organization of research is laid in the laboratory, which assumes the presence of a small group of constantly working scientific staff and the circle of temporary associates under contracts to carry out certain research by scientists.


Major publications

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Development prospects

The prospect for the development of the laboratory lies in the application of modern methods of scientific research and, more broadly, in the collective examination and coordination of research in the field of geospatial economics at the national and international levels.