In March the frequency of avalanching increases sharply. This is due to higher snow depth and beginning of the Match snow-break. Damp snow is very sensitive on slopes. According to the statistics the majority of people die in avalanches triggered by themselves!

Rules of conduct in avalanche-hazardous season are simple and observing them can save one's life:

  • Walk only by well-known and safe trails. Do not try to cut across neve-sheathed slopes
  • Refrain from skiing beyond specially prepared ski trails
  • Never go beyond avalanche warning plates. This can be dangerous for you and those around you
  • Check for weather forecasts and avalanche warning. Heavy precipitations, snowstorms and snow-breaks are signs of avalanching
  • Do extreme sports only under the supervision of a skilled guide
  • In case of an accident call rescuers by number 112 (single dispatcher service)


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Have a care in mountains!!!!

 Employees of the laboratory of natural Hazards.

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