Preventive avalanche descents

On March 14-16, 2022, employees of the Laboratory of Natural Hazards of the Institute of Geography and Water Security took part in preventive avalanche descents in the valleys of the Ulken and Kishi rivers of Almaty in the Ile Alatau. Preventive descents were carried out by Kazselezashchita, Kazhydromet and Kazvzryvprom. The explosions triggered two avalanches that threatened the Almaty-Kosmostantsia and Shymkent–Tuyuksu roads.

Avalanche on the Almaty-Cosmostation road

Explosion in the avalanche separation zone

The place of the avalanche breakaway over the Shymkent-Tuyuksu road

Clearing an avalanche blockage

A trench in an avalanche blockage on the Shymkent-Tuyuksu roadроге Шымбулак-Туюксу