Department of Geography of Tourism and Recreation

Head of the Department -                                               Candidate of Geographical Sciences                            Yegemberdiyeva Kamshat Baratovna                                    E-mail:


Thematic researches on the problems of recreation and tourism are carried out in the Institute of Geography since 1996. Until 2003, Head of the Department was Candidate of Geographical Sciences Popov V.I. In 2003, the Department of Recreational Geography was united with the Department of Geoecology of Mountain Territories under the leadership of Doctor of Geographical Sciences Blagovechshenskiy V.P. and was renamed into the Department of Geoeclogy of Mountain Territories and Recreational Geography. In 2008, due to the extension of the spectrum and quantity of works, the Department of Geography of Tourism and Recreation was founded. Researches of theoretical, methodological, experimental and applied character are carried out in the Department within the framework of budget, target and grant financing (local and international). The Department also organizes practical works for students of bachelor and master’s studies for specialties «5В090200 – Tourism» and «6М090200 – Tourism».

Main directions

1) Theoretical and methodical bases of the formation of the industry of tourism and recreation in Kazakhstan; 2) Informational support to the realization of national and regional programs of the development of  tourism and recreation industry in Kazakhstan; 3) Planning of development of tourism and recreation industry in Kazakhstan, including geographical applied researches.


At present time, 6 employees are working in department, including: 3 Candidates of Sciences, 3 Masters. The specialists possess international certificates which confirm their competence in application of GIS-technologies and materials of remote sensing of Earth, carrying out inter- and transdisciplinary researches, working out of nature protective strategies. Two dissertations of Candidates of Sciences and one dissertation of Doctor of Sciences were defended in the Department by specialty «25.00.23 – physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and biochemistry of landscapes».

Prospects of the development

Research works of employees are connected with new directions of theoretical-methodical and applied researches having important value for the development of tourism and recreation industry in Kazakhstan. They are:

development of theoretical-methodological and scientifically-applied bases of projecting and development of tourist-recreational complexes (TRC);

development of methods of assessment and mapping of negative phenomena in tourist-recreational complexes as well as geographical-ecological indication of their condition and processes of functioning;

development of methods of assessment, mapping and projecting of attractiveness of landscapes of tourism-recreational value;

creation and completion of detailed cadastre and informational base of tourism-recreational objects and territories;

assessment of level and determination of ways of reducing anthropogenic transformation of the natural environment to increase the effectiveness and safety of tourist-recreational complexes;

determination of acceptable recreational loads for all tourist-recreational complexes of the country;

monitoring of ecological condition of natural and anthropogenic complexes in the zones of the development of recreation and tourism infrastructure ;

study and mapping of territories of suburb zones for prospective tourism-recreational aims;

creation of national tourism atlas, cartographical and GIS-support for the development of recreation and tourism.

Main publication

Popov V.I., Glotov S.Ye., Gulyayeva T.S. Metodicheskiye voprosy kompleksnoi rekriatsionnoi otsenki gornyh territotiy. Almaty, 1998.

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Plokhikh R.V., Khen A.P., Zilgarayev A.R. Natsionalnyi turistskiy atlas: vazhnost sozdaniya I znacheniye dlya razvitiya industrii otdyha I turizma v Respublike Kazakhstan. Almaty, 2011.

Yushin Yu.V, Plokhikh R.V. Environmental security in the context of the development of active tourism (by the example of the South Kazakhstan content). Moscow, 2012

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4.jpg сжат,Expeditions and field researches

Field researches of the regions in Kazakhstan were conducted in different times within the framework of the projects financed by local and foreign customers and by international grantors. The most important ones include the following: «Development of prognostic model of ecological condition of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye health resort zone» (RGP Kazgidromet MOOS RK); «Development of «Concept transition of North-Kazakhstan region to sustainable development for the period of 2007–2024» (Akimat of North-Kazakhstan region); «Assessment of ecological condition of natural-economic systems of Mangystau region and production of a complex of thematic maps on the base of GIS-technologies» (Akimat of Mangystau region); «Geographical bases of support of security of tourism-recreational nature management of mountain and plain territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan» (scientific-technical program of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan); «Geographical support to forced development of tourism in Kazakhstan», «Working out of scientific support to complex management of tourism-recreational potential of Central Kazakhstan», «Geographical bases of innovative social-economically and ecologically safe development of the city of Astana and suburb territories» (grant of the Committee for Sciences of the Ministry Education and Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan); «To work out natural-scientific justification of Turkestan State National Natural Park and Kyzylkum preserve», «To make description of key areas of ecological net of projected region (territories of the Akimats of the towns of Turkestan and Otrar districts) on the base of scientific working-out of landscape-ecological framework», «Preparation of social-economic component of long-term «Program of reintroduction of tiger in region of floodplain of Ile river and Southern Pribalkhashie (grants of Central-Asian program WWF (WWF Russia) / WWF Norway); «Creation of the atlas and geo-spatial assessment of the natural and resource potential, socio-economic development  and ecological state of the territory of Atyrau region on the basis of GIS-technologies» (Akimat of Atyrau region).

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