The institute has 4 scientific centers: the Center for Water Security, the Center for Geographical Research, Center for Geographic Information Technologies,  the Central Asian Glaciological Center and 10 specialized departments: Departments of Glaciology, Landscape Study and Nature Management, Geomorphology and GIS cartography, Geography of Tourism and Recreation, Water Resources, Sufficiency of Water Supply of Natural-Economic Systems, Hydrochemistry and Ecological Toxicology, Natural Hazards, Geographic Informational Systems, Geospatial economics. There are 5 research stations in the mountains of North Tien-Shan, Priaralie and Pribalkhashie


The Institute of Geography is one of the oldest research centers of academic specialization in Kazakhstan and the only Scientific Research Institute of geographical specialization in the Central Asian region. At the present moment in the Institute of geography there are 201 employees including, 2 Academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 10 Doctors of Sciences и 30 Candidates of Sciences, 5 PhD, 11 PhD students, 4 Masters of Sciences.

50 % of employees are young specialists who knows the methods of modern scientific researches.