Terrestrial scanner RIEGL VZ-4000

Terrestrial laser scanner RIEGL VZ-4000 provides perfect measuring parameters with distance of work up to 4000m without use of reflectors. Scanner could be used even by unfavourable atmospheric conditions and by presence of some reflections from many targets appeared by reason of dust, fog, rain, snow.

Area of use of scanner VZ-4000:

mine survey;

monitoring of objects from long distance;

geodetic surveying and topographic works;

civil construction, archeology.

Field works

Institute of geography in 2012 made field works by 3d scanning and processing of data of 30 hydroengineering constructions

Scanning was made with use of terrestrial laser scanner Riegl VZ-4000 which is the only scanner of such a type in Kazakhstan. Received data was processed and developed in program RiScan Pro and provided to the customer.

Aim is to make detailed and high-precision 3d models of objects for further monitoring, assessment of condition, producing maps for the work of geodesists, topographers and builders.

Landslide monitoring

 By using of 3-d laser scanner RIEGLVZ-4000 during 2 years is conducted monitoring of landslide in Kaskelen River valley. As a result there was fixed displacement of cracks in average for 60m.

Landslide characteristics: Lenth-240m, Width-200m, depth-20m, volume -1million m3

3d-model of landslide in Kaskelen River valley scanned by high-precision terrestrial laser scanner Riegl Vz40000

Зd-model of landslide in Kaskelen River valley scanned with overlay of photo of high resolution.