Report on a business trip to the Esri CIS Training Center in Moscow


on a business trip to the Esri CIS Training Center in Moscow

to attend ArcGIS Enterprise training courses

Staff of the Institute of geography:

Abiyeva D. – chief project manager of Institute Geography LLP.

Urazbayeva G. – senior researcher, laboratory of Geographical Information Systems.

Period of business trip – 17.06.2019 – 22.06.2019.

Purpose of the trip: gaining theoretical and practical skills on the latest working methods and functionality of ArcGIS Enterprise for further use in the execution of project work.

Results: Two courses of ArcGIS Enterprise are listened - Providing access to geodata within corporate WEB GIS, Basic deployment and administration, organized by the certified Esri CIS training center in full. The training group consisted of 7 people, representatives of various organizations of the CIS countries.

At the end of the course, the topics, structure, effectiveness and possibilities of using the knowledge and skills gained from the training courses in the implementation of thematic projects were discussed. Certified specialists of the Esri CIS training center answered listeners' questions related to ArcGIS courses and software products, and discussed the use of ArcGIS software products in projects performed by students.

Has received certificates from Esri an approved for courses "ArcGIS Enterprise Providing access to geo-data inside the corporate web GIS" and "ArcGIS Enterprise: Providing access to geo-data inside the corporate web-GIS".

Esri certified certificates for passing courses were obtained “ArcGIS Enterprise – Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS” and “ArcGIS Enterprise: Configuring a Base Deployment”.