Institute of Geography and water security is one of the oldest research centers of academic specialization in Kazakhstan and the only Scientific Research Institute of geographical specialization in the Central Asian region. At the present time, the Institute of Geography is parent organization in the system of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dealing with complex problems of interaction between nature and society. The researches of the Institute are aimed at solving environmental problems and assessment of natural-resource potential of the country's geosystems with the development of geographical bases of sustainable nature management.

During 76 years of its activities, the Institute has developed the following main areas of geographical science: hydrology, glaciology, geomorphology, landscape study, mapping to an international level, participated in solving scientific and applied problems in all major state and interstate projects (the Aral Sea area, the Balkash lake area, the Caspian Sea area, Semipalatinsk region and others).

The Institute carries out a large volume of contractual multidirectional works of applied nature along with the implementation of a wide range of works within the state scientific and technical programs. World level of scientific researches is confirmed by joint works on programs and projects with foreign companies and institutions.


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